Bri Rodriguez

Perspectives NY break generational cycles with haunting new single “Disease”

Perspectives NY are players in the nu-metalcore scene, and they have released their latest single “Disease”. Diving deep into the human experience with this powerful track, they’re exploring themes of breaking lineage addiction and striving for personal growth amidst familial challenges. Perspectives NY blends aggression and melody to create a unique sound in the Nu-Core…

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Devitalized’s ‘State of Aggression’ delivers chaos and destruction

Massachusetts-based metal outfit Devitalized have unleashed their highly anticipated debut album, State of Aggression. This release is a ferocious amalgamation of deathcore and metalcore, crammed with mosh-inducing breakdowns and blistering vocal performances. The album comprises eight relentless tracks, including the hit singles “Welcome Back” and “Godslayer.” The latter features a guest appearance from deathcore luminary…

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