From First To Last stream new live song, “Surrender”

It’s been almost a year since From First To Last released a new song, “Make War”, that came out of seemingly nowhere. While it was unclear whether or not anything outside of the one song would surface, we now have another answer.

After Matthew Good announced that a new song would be leaked at Los Angeles Emo Nite: Day, they actually did the damn thing by livestreaming a new track, “Surrender”. It’s the first song released in almost a year, and while we’re still in the dark about how a From First To Last reunion would work considering the band members’ busy schedules, it’s clear that there is a lot of excitement surrounding FFTL right now. And according to an unconfirmed screenshot that surfaced that was passed to us by a source, it appears both Derek and Sonny have rejoined the band for good. We’ll pass along more info as it’s made public.