TNF Instagram Takeover: Midnight Mob Is Taking Over Saturday, March 26th

Midnight Mob Motel (1)

Somewhere in between the crossroads of metal, punk, blues, and rock n’ roll, lies New York’s Midnight Mob. Listeners can definitely figure out their influences – The Black Keys, Queens Of The Stone Age, Royal Thunder, and Fleetwood Mac all appear to weigh heavily on the band. But throwing together such disparate (but not obviously so) genres comes naturally to the band, especially in the extremely catchy single “Swing On”. The long and the short of this is – their new EP Honest Brutal Glorious is awesome.

What’s more, we’re stoked to be having the band take over our NEW official Instagram account – which you can find right here. Check out the band’s single “Shine On” below, and stay tuned for what are sure to be some crazy photos of them the next 24 hours or so.