This Post Malone + A Day To Remember mashup sounds like “If It Means A Lot To You”, part II

11 years ago, A Day To Remember released their breakout third album, Homesick. Featuring huge singles like “The Downfall Of Us All” and fan favorites like the ballad “If It Means A Lot To You”, it’s not a surprise why the pop-punk/metalcore band gained popularity.

Of course, current music superstar Post Malone has always been known for his involvement in the post-hardcore and metalcore scenes, so it also shouldn’t be a surprise that there’s now a fan-made mashup remix of Post Malone’s “Better Now” and the aforementioned ADTR ballad. Interestingly, it totally works!

As our friends at Music Mayhem note, Post Malone is already a massive ADTR fan, so the mashup does makes sense. In fact, at least in our opinion, it almost sounds like a sequel to the ADTR song.

Would you be in favor of Post Malone and A Day To Remember collaborating in real life? Sound off in the comments!