This Day In Music History: December 14th, 1999 – Poison The Well release iconic debut album, “The Opposite Of December”

When Poison The Well released their debut album The Opposite Of December in (fittingly) December of 1999, the music scene – and especially metalcore and its offshoots – was a far different place. Y2K was a few short weeks away, too! The explosion of the genre with bands like Killswitch Engage and Shadows Fall was a few years off, but rest assured that time has not dampened this album’s influence in the music scene.

Emotional, passionate songs like “Nerdy” and “Slice Paper Wrists” still ring heavy today. It’s essential in that it provided a blueprint for bands that followed to play with bright melodies over heavy, crushing music. Notably, the band is celebrating the album by releasing a special, 20th anniversary edition vinyl, as well as exclusive merch with pre-orders. If you’ve never heard the record before, dive right in.