This Day In Music History: January 26, 2009 – Architects releases the groundbreaking “Hollow Crown”

With their current album Holy Hell helping Architects enjoy some of the biggest successes of their career to date, it’s important to remember just how they’ve evolved over the years. Especially when you consider the depth of their discography overall, pinpointing an album where the metalcore band really came into their own might be a bit difficult. 2009’s Hollow Crown, though, is arguably the apex of the band’s career to date.

A metalcore record that vaulted through the confines of their previous sound (the already very good Nightmares and Ruin albums), the album showed vocalist Sam Carter really coming into his own as a vocalist overall. This is especially true when you consider how the band fired on all cylinders on tracks like album opener “Early Grave”, the extremely technical “Numbers Count For Nothing”, and the more melodic bent of “In Elegance” and “Follow The Water”. The album was even awarded a high score by Kerrang! Magazine, which no doubt served to boost Architects’ profile at the time.

While their more recent records have surely gotten a bit less chaotic, there’s no doubting that Architects have a varied discography to choose from – and Hollow Crown is surely near the top.