The Browning vocalist Jonny McBee lays into Earache Records for unpaid royalties

The Browning have, over the last 10 years or so, established themselves as one of the more intriguing bands playing a hybrid of metal with strong influences. In fact, those electronic influences are so integral to the band’s sound that they’ve managed to improve with every album to date, resulting in 2018’s Geist launching The Browning into some of the biggest opportunities of their career so far.

However, the band’s early albums – including 2011’s Burn This World and 2013’s Hypernova, have not been available on streaming services. Those albums, released under the Earache Records banner, have deprived the band of much-needed streaming numbers – and now vocalist Jonny McBee has taken to social media to rail against the label for said unpaid royalties.

McBee had a very good point to make as well, saying “The band is now old enough that A LOT of people come up and talk to me about how they listened to our first albums through middle / high school. @EaracheRecords have removed the ability for people to experience nostalgia with something they loved growing up.”

Apparently the label has also been blocking news outlets and other people who are reporting and speaking out against this news. Regardless, especially in a year where musicians are being crippled from a lack of touring, this is unconscionable – as streaming is one of a musician’s only forms of income right now.