Celebrate a Decade of Breakdowns with Nik Nocturnal


As the decade comes to a close, one can reminisce on what the past ten years have given us. YouTube guitarist Nik Nocturnal did just that, with a video featuring him playing the instrumental breakdowns of forty different songs, spanning 2010 to 2019.

There are some obvious classics, such as Architects’ “Gone With The Wind” and Of Mice & Men’s “Still YDG’in”, but some might catch the viewer by surprise, like Pierce the Veil’s “Hell Above” and Bring Me the Horizon’s “Ludens”.

While Nik’s performance of all 40 breakdowns is absolutely spot-on, it’s also a great video to discover some new music with; while I knew of the vast majority of these bands/songs, I now want to listen to Brand of Sacrifice and LOATHE. This video is in must-watch territory for metal fans! What is your favorite breakdown of this decade?