For The Well Runs Red, defying easy musical categorization is a way of life

The Well Runs Red defies easy categorization. Drawing from an array of influences like hip-hop, industrial, glitch, metal, and Soundcloud rap, it’s hard to put anything TWRR creates into a particular box. Aggressive yet introspective, The Well Runs Red’s music is confrontational and intriguing. One listen to his new single, “Infiltrate”, and you’ll get some of the vibe TWRR is going for here.

While a solid starting point might well (hah!) be Ghostemane, there’s plenty of nods to countercultural icon Marilyn Manson as well as Chris Motionless in Red’s voice, too. Perhaps it’s just easier to let Red describe himself – so read our Q&A with the intriguing new artist below.

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