The Contortionist reveals new single “Early Grave”, details upcoming EP, ‘Our Bones’

Progressive rock/metal favorites The Contortionist have re-emerged with a new song, “Early Grave”, today. Alongside a music video, the band have also announced their new EP, Our Bones, that is dropping in August via Entertainment One / Good Fight Music. Notably, the new song is another evolution in the band’s career, a shorter song that honestly has lots of Deftones, Tool, and even Katatonia vibes. In other words, it’s a must-hear.

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Primordial Sound: 6 albums to take you on a transcendental journey (Volume 1)

At the risk of sounding extremely banal and cliched, one of the reasons we listen to music is to make us feel something – whether it’s an outlet for anger, to experience good vibes, or even just appreciate extremely well-crafted musicianship.

Here lies the question, though. What albums do you listen to when you want to do nothing but chill, relax, and escape from the world around you? What genres of music do you even start with? We’ve selected 6 albums that might help you, if you open your mind a bit. It should be noted that this is just Volume I of our series. Enjoy!

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This Is Primal Directive: Why The Contortionist’s 2010 album “Exoplanet” is a prog-metal cornerstone

Certain albums and bands have that “it” factor. It’s often established on a debut record, where a promising band’s songwriting tends to shine above their peers. Progressive metal darlings The Contortionist surely qualify as a band that continues to evolve and transcend typical genre conventions with each record. While there is a stark difference between last year’s Clairvoyant and 2010’s landmark debut full-length Exoplanet, it’s the latter album that set the stage for much of today’s progressive-leaning music. Exoplanet certainly isn’t the only album that flies under that banner, but 8 years after its initial release, it’s certainly an album that bears revisiting.

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