Reflections vocalist Jake Wolf hints at follow-up to “The Color Clear”: “There has been a lot of experimenting and trying things we’ve never done before”

Having released arguably the best out of their 3 full-lengths on 2015’s The Color Clear, progressive metal band Reflections sadly went on an indefinite hiatus in 2016. While the band initially was unclear about future plans (only saying that they would be “taking a step back from touring“), hiatuses are rarely good for the immediate future of a band. That being said, the new styles of music that Reflections explored on The Color Clear (some of the tracks bore a distinct post-black metal, for instance) really showed the kind of musical talent the Twin Cities band had.

While we don’t have any snippets of what the new material will sound like just yet, Reflections vocalist Jake Wolf recently took to Instagram to discuss the writing process for the new songs, saying that the writing for the new record “has been very different this time around”. You can view the rest of the post below.

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