Let’s Talk: The Integration & Overlap In Soundcloud and Various Rock Subgenres

In the past few weeks, popular Soundcloud artist and songwriter Lil Aaron has released 3 new songs, each opening with samples from classic emo/pop punk hits. It started with the track Warped Tour, featuring Paramore’s Misery Business. Then, a week later he released Hot Topic, which begins with Panic At The Disco’s iconic I Write Sins Not Tragedies intro. About a week after that, he released the most recent track, Top 8 which samples Sugar, We’re Goin Down by Fall Out Boy. His song Drugs also gives off a pop punk vibe on it’s own with no samples, and he even referred to it as being “like a Blink-182 song on drugs” in an interview with Pigeons & Planes just about a month before releasing it.

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Crisis of Originality: Bandcamp and the Marketplace of Ideas

Drone Over Mound cover art

It’s been talked about time and time again. In the age of the internet, where access to music distributors is unprecedented, there are countless artists self-releasing their material on platforms such as Bandcamp and Soundcloud. More music is in circulation than ever before, and as such, one’s exposure to the various artists that websites like Bandcamp have to offer has also increased insurmountably.

In regards to experimental music, this becomes particularly interesting. The ability to upload and self-release music on an easy-to-use, user-friendly website has provided an avenue in which experimental musicians and composers can host their works for a much larger audience, an opportunity that has never existed before. However, this increased audience exposure has had other effects as well.
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