Lightworker start strong with a solid metalcore debut effort on “Fury By Failure” (review)

Lightworker, 2020

In a banner year for metalcore, the more, the merrier. Solid State Records has given us Azusa, Earth Groans, Silent Planet re-issues… it’s an all-around good time with this label in 2020. They look to expand upon it with Lightworker, releasing their debut album Fury By Failure this Friday.

Beginning with “Empyre”, Lightworker establishes their gravitas in crafting a memorable melodic metalcore sound, reminiscent of Darkness Divided and Phinehas. Stacked to the brim with triplet-chugs and vast clean vocals, this makes for a well-rounded sound. “The Willing Martyr” continues the guitar riffage in both the verse/chorus before a masterful guitar solo.

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On “When The End Began”, Silent Planet deliver a maturing, compelling record (Review)

California metalcore act Silent Planet have always been one of those bands that don’t necessarily reinvent the genre with their music; instead they craft music that not only resonates with you but is also very thought provoking in terms of both lyricism and instrumentation. Whether it’s the band’s ability to convey emotion into music or the juxtaposition of Garrett Russell’s harsh vocals to Thomas Freckleton’s soaring cleans, “When the End Began” is definitely a thought-provoking and interesting album that any fan of the genre should experience.

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