Five Rappers Keeping Modern Hip-Hop Alive

We’ve all heard the statement “New rap sucks!” once in our lives. Like all genres over time the sound progresses and changes. Many people praise acts like Nas, A Tribe Called Quest, Tupac, Biggie Smalls, and much more but there has to be modern artists out there representing the sound right. Stay tuned after the jump and we’ll open your eyes to the wonderful world of modern rap.

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Blaze N’ Glory: Keeping the spirit of Hip Hop & Reggae alive! (PHOTO SET)

A couple of weeks ago, TNF had the great pleasure of attending the Blaze N’ Glory festival which took place June 4th @ The San Manuel Amphitheater in San Bernardino, California. The festival consisted of a day full of Hip Hop, Reggae, carnival rides, tons of different clothing/lifestyle vendors & a huge variety of food/beer to taste! It was one of those events that has a little bit of something for everyone. This rings true by the widely diverse crowd that attended the festival.

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Death Metal: Violent Sexism and Why Race Matters

(TW: Sexual Assault, Rape)

By now, everyone’s heard about the release of Kanye West’s most recent output, The Life of Pablo, and while many are divided on the quality of its musical content, there are also plenty of people who are, in a world that is increasingly aware, pointing out some of the blatant sexism that is, and has been, evident in Kanye West’s lyrical work.

In itself, this is not an issue. It says a lot that more and more people are getting fed up with the way women are portrayed and defamed in these songs. It’s a good thing. However, the issue arises when people continue to criticize black artists, mostly in Hip-Hop, about the sexism in their lyrics, while failing to criticize or even acknowledge the even more rampant and dangerous misogyny in other genres which, as a matter of fact, are primarily white. I’m referring, in particular, to varieties of Death Metal music, namely Grindcore and Brutal Death Metal, as well as related genres.
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Muny P: Music for a Spurned Generation

muny p

Despite what the older generation may say, millennials in the United States have it rough: high inflation with stagnant wages, few worthwhile employment opportunities, constant obstacles discouraging higher education, and a largely out-of-touch government which does little to properly address their needs.

When one also takes the disproportionate violence against and incarceration of racial minorities into consideration, it would seem that American society, for young people and people of color, is less than ideal, and, as odd as it may be, is perfectly encapsulated by the grim and grimy Trap and Hip-Hop music by producer and sometimes rapper Muny P.

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