Meet Tampa Bay’s newest post-hardcore juggernaut, Limbs

Who is Limbs? You’ll have to ask the Tampa Bay post-hardcore band to find out for yourself. But it’s safe to say that the area, which has bred bands like Oceana (now Polyenso), Tides Of Man, and Underoath, has the next great band up their sleeves. Just a couple years after their formation, the band recently signed to Equal Vision Records. Their label debut, Sleep, drops October 27th – and it’s got 6 great songs, including a recently released video for “Poison”.

It’s fairly obvious who the band’s influences are – Beartooth, Every Time I Die, and Underoath loom fairly large – but Limbs are set to do big things and blaze their own trail. The question is, will you be alone for the ride?

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Watch Jet Black Alley Cat’s Music Video for “Roxy”

_MG_6909 (1)

The Nashville indie-pop quintet Jet Black Alley Cat has released a new music video for their single “Roxy”. The dark, cinematic journey follows “Roxy” on her escapades through the Miami nightlife. Vocalist Joe Wilkinson says that the idea revolves around the notion that “sometimes only the most dangerous are really free.” The video was directed by Jason Berg. Continue reading

Look What the Cat Dragged In: Misogyny in Metal Music


Many of you know of Eddie Trunk, the respected and well-known journalist and radio/television host with a reputation that, in many cases, precedes him. As such, one would expect that his experience and wide breadth of knowledge would give him insight into what’s happening in the rock and metal world, both good and bad. One would think that, if an issue was brought to his attention, he would have an insightful answer.

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