Album Review: Babirusa – “Humanoid” (2020)

Australian deathcore is a like a blue flame, it burns immensely and uniquely. Babirusa is one of Australia’s newest heavy hitters that have arrived on the scene, and with very good reasoning. The band made headway in April of 2019 with their debut song ‘Desolation System’, and it was met with a great reception from metalheads. The group harbors two vocalists at the helm, one of those vocalists being the former vocalists for A Night In Texas. Babirusa is preparing to release their debut album ‘Humanoid’ on August 28th, 2020. We’ve got our hands on this record not too long ago, and we were impressed. ‘Humanoid’ is a lyrically narrative driven concept album based on being hooked into a simulated AI world, and trying to free yourself from that restraint. As the album progress it becomes clear there is no escaping the simulated reality. The narrative behind ‘Humanoid’ has became my favorite from a album in recent memory. ‘Humanoid’ is a ten track conceptually pulverizing piece of deathcore, formally breaking away from the stagnancy that often holds deathcore back.

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