For The Fallen Dreams announce 10 year anniversary tour for seminal album, “Changes”

For the Fallen Dreams have announced their Summer 2018 tour plans. The band will hit the road for a North American trek, which includes stops in Canada, this August. The dates marks the first leg of the Changes tenth anniversary tour. The band’s album of the name dropped in 2008. To celebrate, For the Fallen Dreams will perform Changes in its entirety.

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This Day In Music History: January 8, 2008 – For The Fallen Dreams releases “Changes”

Changes, the debut full-length from For The Fallen Dreams, turns 9 years old today. Straddling the line between hardcore and metalcore, it remains a near-landmark debut album that remains very popular among fans – tracks like “Brothers In Arms” and “New Beginnings” remain live staples to this day. Check out the full album below, and check out a brief Facebook post from the band as well.

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Exclusive: Stop Show Violence!




Have you ever been to a show and there is always that “one” guy who just doesn’t get what “aggression without violence” really means? I think a lot of you will relate to what I will be talking about in this article because we all either have directly experienced show violence or have witnessed it. Continue reading