Self Bias Resistor: How Fear Factory’s 1995 masterpiece “Demanufacture” led metal into the future

Nine Inch Nails and Ministry, along with Godflesh, are often considered the two most important and commercially successful purveyors of industrial rock and metal – at least since the late 1980’s. For fans of the harsher side of the genre, though, you likely know Fear Factory are a massive influence. If 1992’s debut album Soul Of A New Machine (highly groundbreaking in its own right) was the opening salvo, then 1995 sophomore record Demanufacture was its devastating follow-up.

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Photo Gallery: Ministry – Chicago, IL – 04.07.2018

Venue – The Riviera Theater
Location – Chicago, IL
Date – April 7th, 2018
Lineup – Ministry, Chelsea Wolfe, The God Bombs


Ministry played a packed hometown Chicago show to a room full of fans that just couldn’t get enough. With a band firing on all cylinders and frontman Al Jourgensen leading the way with their unique brand of industrial metal the crowd was sure in for a huge night. Featuring special guest Burton C Bell of Fear Factory fame doing a few songs on vocals each night gave a unique twist. No one could expect however what would come at the end of the night as Al stated he had a guest to do one song that hasn’t been with Ministry since the 80’s and it was none other than Chris Connelly. This one off was something special to see and a great way to top off a killer set from the band.

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The Comprehensive Guide To Nu-Metal, Part 1 (Origins and Influences)


Musical trends are often a cyclical beast. If you take any major rock subgenre of the last 30 years or so, you’ll tend to find a revival of it somewhere – whether successful or short-lived. Nu-metal is a subgenre that’s been revived fairly well the last 5 or so years – one need only look at current bands like Sylar, Issues, Cane Hill, Sworn In, Islander, and My Ticket Home to realize that their influences lie 20+ years deep in the proverbial water. The aforementioned bands (as well as others not mentioned) successfully have infused classic nu-metal sounds to fit a more modern audience, and that’s why you see Issues and Cane Hill especially getting slots on high-profile festivals.

You know the most popular bands that represented this movement the best – Linkin Park, Korn, Limp Bizkit, Deftones, P.O.D., Mudvayne. But what about the so-called “lesser lights”? Pulse Ultra? Project 86? Nothingface? Even Stuck Mojo, who could be the most influential of them other than Korn, was underappreciated in their heyday. This article is a look back on nu-metal’s origins, its peak, subsequent oversaturation/decline, and recent rebirth. Grab your JNCO jeans, Surge sodas, and Adidas shoes, because we’re going on a rocketship 30 years ago. Here’s part 1 of our 5 part series exploring the genre’s history, from the late 80’s to the subsequent nu-metal revival that’s happening right now.

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