Thy Art Is Murder’s CJ McMahon explains why they don’t perform “Whore To A Chainsaw” live: “That song was written by a pissed off individual”

Anyone who has seen Thy Art Is Murder recently knows that the Australian metal band knows they put on an incendiary live show. However, fans may notice a fairly obvious omission from their live setlists – namely the lack of any songs off their acclaimed EP, Infinite Death. And though the band used to be known for their lyrics, which were often considered misogynistic and violent towards women, a video has surfaced from back in August where vocalist CJ McMahon (who hadn’t joined the band until after that EP’s release) addresses a packed crowd on the band’s Double Homicide tour. He had harsh words concerning the song, saying “We’re not going to play that fucking song”, in regards to “Whore To A Chainsaw”.

Considering the band’s massive fan base, this couldn’t have been an easy decision. No matter where you stand on the validity of censorship and the violent nature of many death metal bands, it’s a ballsy and respectable decision, to be sure. Check out the full video below, which also segues into “The Son Of Misery”.

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