Kissing The Shadows: Revisiting Children Of Bodom’s “Follow The Reaper”

Our next edition of our Revisited series starts with Children Of Bodom’s 2000 album, Follow The Reaper. Often considered the album that launched the burgeoning Finnish metal band into worldwide prominence, Follow The Reaper is a skillfully-crafted, musically-gifted record that both fans of flashy guitar and genuinely fun music will both love. Of course, if you like a power metal/melo-death band being influenced by black metal, this might just be the record for you, too.

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Battlecross: Will to Win

BattlecrossSome bands make waves; Battlecross makes tsunamis. Over the last year-and-a-half, the Canton, Michigan group has taken the metal world by storm by combining slabs-of-steel riffing, machine-gun drumming and larynx-shredding vocals to create its signature brand of death-infused thrash. Continue reading

Editorial: Five Most Devastatingly Awesome Live Acts at 2013’s Mayhem Fest

Zombie Mayhem

Rob Zombie at 2013’s Mayhem Fest

Rockstar Energy Drink’s 2013 Mayhem Festival came to a close earlier this week, ranking itself in the uppermost echelon of metal shows ever to grace this planet. In case you missed all of the sweaty, overdriven chaos taking place on the same day, here are the five most electrifying acts from the tour, absolute must-see’s next time they come to town: Continue reading