This metal cover of Asking Alexandria’s “The Violence” sounds like a Stand Up And Scream B-side – watch

Were you disappointed in Asking Alexandria’s new single, “The Violence”? All things considered, it wasn’t really a bad song, at least in our opinion. Unfavorable comparisons to the likes of Imagine Dragons abound if you take a look on just about any Internet forum, but it’s still relatively catchy. However, for those who might be clamoring for the band’s older style (think Stand Up And Scream or Reckless And Relentless), rejoice! Multi-talented vocalist Andy Cizek (WVNDER, Makari, Monuments) and guitarist extraordinare Nik Nocturnal have teamed up for a reimagined metal cover of the song, which you can check out below.

This also isn’t the first time the two have collaborated, as their Bring Me The Horizon cover of “Medicine” was notably shared by Oliver Sykes himself, and went viral as well. The two musicians are also collaborating on a new modern metal project, Termina, which fans of bands like Monuments and Volumes will probably dig. Give both a spin below.

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Nik Nocturnal and vocalist Andy Cizek (WVNDER, Makari) team up on new project, Termina

Popular Youtuber Nik Nocturnal, whose 100k+ subscribers eagerly await when the guitarist covers a brand new song shortly after it drops, has announced a new project by the name of Termina. The lead singer is none other than Makari // WVNDER vocalist Andy Cizek, whose voice goes up like an angel and down like a wounded ox. The new song certainly leans toward more of a progressive/tech metal vibe – fans of Northlane, Volumes, and groove-centric metal will likely dig this.

Termina’s first single, “Lucid”, is available to stream below. Impressively, the track showcases Cizek’s diverse vocal range, As part of a rollout for the rest of 2019, Termina will be dropping new music, so don’t miss out! Here’s the real question – will Nik Nocturnal cover his own song? Inquiring minds want to know.

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Listen to a METAL version of Bring Me The Horizon’s new single, “Medicine”

Reception to the newest Bring Me The Horizon single, “Medicine”, has been decidedly mixed. While older fans of the band are shocked the band (who used to play borderline deathcore/grindcore) now write full-blown pop songs, it’s another track destined for the top of the charts. It begs the question, though – what if the track was morphed into a metal version – possibly a throwback to their Sempiternal days?

Youtube guitarist extraordinare Nik Nocturnal and Makari // WVNDER vocalist Andy Cizek recently teamed up on a new take on “Medicine”. Spoiler alert: It’s pretty shocking how well it works, and while it’s not like Bring Me The Horizon have abandoned rock completely (see: “Mantra”, “Wonderful Life”), it’s a throwback of sorts to the fans that really got into the band around the Sempiternal album cycle. After all, it’s still an album that countless rock and metal bands draw inspiration from.

Follow Andy on Youtube here, and Nik Nocturnal on Youtube at THIS location.

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This cover of Deftones’ “Diamond Eyes” will blow your mind

Covering an iconic band like Deftones is, in a word, difficult. We’re talking a band that’s supremely influential in the pantheon of alternative metal and rock in the last 20+ years, with especially their records Around The Fur and White Pony being cited as cornerstones, and key influences on many modern bands.

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