Capsize raises an important, burning music industry question – is the album format dead?

Photo Credit: Ana Cristina Perez

It’s a question most people have thought of. Since the revenue from album sales isn’t enough anymore for almost any band, musicians have gone to great lengths to keep the dream alive – from driving for Uber, to teaching music lessons, to even using Patreon to bring funds in. Musicians are nothing if not crafty.

California post-hardcore band Capsize have experienced these waters. Once an independent band, Capsize rose through the ranks to release multiple EPs, got signed to Equal Vision Records, and have released 2 full-lengths on the label as well. This success has landed them on multiple opening and support slots with the likes of Ice Nine Kills, and many other notable bands. But even a band like them, who are fairly successful all things considered, has to wonder whether the album format really works – or if a succession of singles is a better idea.

What do you think?

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