Spotify Playlist: The Music That Inspires Astronoid


What’s really impressive about self-described “dream thrash” band Astronoid (who hail from Massachusetts) is the fact that their version of metal is actually a happy one – at least when you first listen to their new full-length, Air. Coming out of almost nowhere, it’s already one of the more impressive records I’ve heard all year, and it only gets better with each listen. It combines shoegaze, post-rock, black metal, post-metal, and even pop harmonies into a veritable euphoria of music that will leave you breathless by the end.

All 5 band members stopped by to put together a playlist of the music that inspires them. Some of their selections aren’t surprising at all (Deftones, The Cure), but others certainly are (Turnover, Metallica). Check out that playlist below, and you can listen to the entire new album as well – it’s available for Name Your Price on Bandcamp.

[bandcamp width=350 height=470 album=803644549 size=large bgcol=ffffff linkcol=0687f5 tracklist=false]