Sonny Moore / Skrillex officially back in From First To Last!

The official From First To Last Instagram page has confirmed that DJ & former vocalist Skrillex aka Sonny Moore is back in the band. Their Instagram page bio tags all of the members, which reads as: “@skrillex @mattg00d @travisrichter Derek Bloom”. You can also hear their brand new track “Make War” below.

With the release of a brand new track titled Make War featuring Sonny Moore,¬†FFTL fans & news outlets were exploding trying to figure out if the track meant Sonny’s permanent spot in the band or if he was simply doing a guest feature.

Sonny hasn’t been in From First To Last in 10 years, so this is extremely exciting news for any fans of the band who have been eagerly waiting for his return. Now we can most likely look forward to a full length release on their new record label Sumerian Records.

What do you think of their new track & Sonny’s return? Let us know in the comments below!