Rising UK metalcore band Renounced take you track-by-track with upcoming album “Beauty Is A Destructive Angel”

Having re-upped with venerated label Holy Roar Records for their upcoming 3rd full-length album, UK metalcore band Renounced are looking to make a big impact on the music scene. With initial single “Self Inflicted” already doing just that, it’s no surprise that the rising band are gaining attention. This isn’t merely your average metalcore “revival” band that will put out a demo and EP, then break up – no, Renounced are making serious moves with their emotive blend of metalcore that draws from the greats.

Even better, we’re excited to bring you a track-by-track of Beauty Is A Destructive Angel, straight from Renounced’s vocalist Daniel. Check that out below, and get hyped for the album, which drops this September.

Beauty Is A Destructive Angel Track-By-Track

1. Ghosts
– I’m hoping this becomes the stage dive intro, it’s something light and almost pop-punkish before the chaos. I love the snare hit before the distortion comes in at 55 seconds.

2. Self Inflicted
– This is about how after what I can only describe as a spiritual awakening. I discovered that the majority of mental illness and problems that humans endure is self-inflicted. Sometimes we get stuck in patterns and cages of the mind that simply tear us apart from the inside. if we are strong enough we can find a path through these lies we can live happy, fulfilling lives.

3. In A Years Turning
This is half about a breakup and half about simply learning from all our struggles. The initial horror of losing someone you love is overwhelming. However, after time you start to heal and learn from the experience. Every single hurt we go through as humans we can learn and grow from. Becoming a stronger and better person.

4. Saltation
A song of change. An abrupt change to be exact. It’s about realising, we only have one life to live and we better start living it.
People will drag you down even if they don’t realise they are doing it. It’s about going it alone and staying away from negativity.
I had grown tired of writing sad songs haha. It also has the heaviest breakdown on the record.

5. Calloused
-This is about relentless depression and becoming sick of being depressed. Once again a song of change and growing and learning to fly instead of falling. It’s about staying away from a pathological life and realising you really are your own devil. You have to callous your mind against those things.

6. Calculated Risk
– Almost a nod to the title of our demo “Conditioned From Birth” this song is about deconditioning the mind. Can you see a pattern with this LP? haha. It’s about standing up and fighting your demons and becoming who you want to be in life. It’s about seeing others who do not have the strength to stand up and fight to become who they want to be. It’s about growing up and excepting responsibility for your own life. The last line is something I feel strongly about. “Telling me what I can and can’t do? Oh, how punk rock of you”. This line is straight up about people within the punk/hardcore scene dictating what people can and cannot do with their lives. Live your dreams, chase your dreams, fuck other peoples opinions, they are people who don’t have what it takes to grow.

7. The Rico Conspiracy
– This is about a beautiful girl I dated for a while, who was depressed about how she looked. She was stunning and could have been a model or actress. She felt like she wasn’t as pretty as the women depicted in adverts, or Instagram or the movies. I saw a light go out in her. I saw in her what I saw in many young women. Believing the synthetic lies and filtered lives they saw every day, believing they are not good enough. Which is simply untrue.

8. Torchbearer
– A song about overcoming depression and becoming a burning positive light. It’s about burning your old self to ash and being reborn.

9. General Population
– After my “spiritual awakening,” I realised how trapped most people are in life. Trapped in their mind, trapped in their work, trapped in their own personal hell. It’s about how we play a character and never really show our true form. It’s about how life is a series of choices, and how we make those choices is completely up to us. Many choose to stay trapped and they sadly never figure out who they really are.

10. Beauty Is A Destructive Angel
This song is about how humans search for perfection, and in doing so destroy everything in their path. However, as a human, we must follow this path otherwise we never grow. It’s about your shadow self and suicidal thoughts in men. This is the most depressing song on the album. It’s about dying over and over again mentally. I felt the title worked well with the album artwork.

11. In A Statue Of Frozen Glass
This is about my spiritual awakening. It’s about being depressed for 12 or so years and then realising that I was coming out of it. Being trapped inside a statue of frozen glass sums up the feeling of knowing you are not the person you feel you are. It’s like being frozen in time and watching the world around you move, but you are not able to connect with it. I realised this was a false perspective of reality and I found a way to break from the cage.