Post-metalcore band Saving Vice detail upcoming full-length, prepare to hit the studio

Saving Vice is a relatively new metalcore band from New England, and if you haven’t yet heard them, their debut EP Colder Than Dark is a solid listen. Fairly developed for a debut, the metalcore band is hitting the studio this week to record their debut full-length album – one that the band hopes will catapult them to the next level in a crowded music scene. Granted, the young band has the chops and work ethic to do it, playing packed shows for their fans and opening for bigger ones, gaining fans along the way.

As the band prepares to hit the studio to hash out some new songs, Saving Vice dropped us a few answers to questions that we had about the upcoming album – as well as what fans can expect stylistically. Check out all the important details below.

You’re readying the debut Saving Vice full-length for release. How is it going to suffer stylistically from your debut EP?

I don’t think these new songs are going to stray all that much from what we did on ‘Colder Than Dark’ stylistically. Our EP did so well and we definitely wanted to continue that sound and momentum moving forward. There are a handful of songs on the new album that are actually lyric sequels to some of the songs on our EP, which I think is really playful and poetic. As far as the differences go, I think our fans can expect a more seasoned approach to the songwriting overall. We kept true to our light versus heavy balance, but we also pushed both ends of the spectrum to their limits and I think we’re going to raise a lot of eyebrows with some of these songs.

-Robbie Litchfield, bassist/songwriter

Were there any songs you wrote for the new album that might shock your fans?

I don’t think any of our lyrics are super shocking but we definitely got more aggressive about certain subjects. You’d have to really read between the lines to understand what they’re about though. We also have one song in particular that I think is going to be shocking in a really fun way. As far as our sound goes, we definitely hit both ends of the music spectrum that we’ve never hit before and that I think most people aren’t going to expect.

-Tyler Small, vocalist/songwriter

Who are the musicians who most inspire you?

I’m inspired musically by so many artists, some that aren’t even necessarily in the alternative/metal community. But the biggest inspirations for me personally as a musician are Architects, Bring Me The Horizon, Fit For A King, The Plot In You, Wage War and of course, Asking Alexandria.

-Robbie Litchfield, bassist/songwriter

What’s the biggest tip you’d give to bands trying to boost their Spotify and social media numbers?

The biggest tip I could give bands as to growing their Spotify streams and social media followers is to be persistent. Be active on your platforms on a daily basis. Interact with your fans and encourage them to stream your quality, released music.

-Sammy Whelton, drummer