Knocked Loose releases limited edition t-shirt to support domestic violence victims

If you’ve listened to Knocked Loose’s nuclear sophomore album A Different Shade Of Blue, you probably know that this is the sound of a band who clearly didn’t fall into a sophomore slump of any sort. It’s one that’s sure to rank rather high in our year-end “best of 2019” list, that’s for sure.

That’s not the point, though. It’s always great to see bands in this scene channeling their influence into something that goes beyond the music, and that goes tenfold for the new t-shirt KL launched to support domestic violence victims. And it’s not just in the “raising awareness” way – Knocked Loose have taken it a step further by donating ALL proceeds from the t-shirt to the Kentucky Center for Women and Families. Simply fantastic. We highly recommend ordering the shirt here, it’s for a great cause.