Joel and Benji of Good Charlotte Reveal New Project


The brothers’ have not given a comment on where Good Charlotte stands, but their new project, titled The Madden Brothers, is set to release a single on June 2nd,  titled “We Are Done.”

Joel and Benji have revealed a new project in which they will be releasing an album this fall, titled Greetings From California. 

The release will be a two-sided album. The first side is described as a style that most Good Charlotte fans will be familiar with, “upbeat, sunny pop-rock,” while the second is described as a more intriguing and new sound, “an earthy blend of folk, Southern rock, and ’70’s-era pop.”

Being one who has never found much interest in Good Charlotte’s pop-rock sound, I can’t deny that the description of the latter has piqued my interest.

Be sure to check out The Madden Brothers’ website for news on the upcoming release!