Final 2018 Warped Tour lineup to be released March 1st, to possibly include A Day To Remember, Paramore, and more?

The final Vans Warped Tour (in this capacity, anyway) will happen this summer. The news hit like a shockwave to many, but to others it wasn’t a huge surprise. Might as well go out on top, right? Warped was an institution.

That being said, founder Kevin Lyman may have just hinted at some of the bands on the tour, including possible bombshells like Paramore, A Day To Remember, Knocked Loose, and more. The information comes from a breaking Twitter exchange, and the potential info comes as you read through said exchange. While there’s no way to necessarily confirm this info (other than this possible report) we can only speculate at this time. But a lineup filled with bands that people loved 10 years ago when they first started out? Very awesome to think about. It just needs lots of The Ghost Inside.