Exclusive: Masturbation In Music

-Longview-green-day-12843035-768-576I have had the idea of writing an article about masturbation in music for awhile now. Come out to find there has been similar articles done over the years. This might offend some people and make some laugh. But weren’t we all a curious teenager at once, do we not all have hormones.


What better than writing a catchy song about your youth and your built up frustration. With that being said here is my top 3 songs that promote or talk about masturbation.


1. Green Day – “LongView”

I’m pretty sure all of you reading have heard this song at least once. Longview was the mainstream debut single from Green Day. It caught many younger adults ears with its relation to masturbation, boredom and lounging around when your hormones are building up inside of you. It was my obvious number one choice for this reason.  The lyrics “Bite my lip and close my eyes, take me away to paradise” explains it all.


2. Divinyls – “I Touch Myself”

Off of the Divinyls 5th album, “I Touch Myself” came soaring in and triumphed as the anthem for female masturbation. If you have heard this song then you know. The Divinyls took a different approach about the topic of masturbation, focusing on the females point of view.


3. Say Anything – “Wow! I Can Get Sexual Too”

This song is said to be a spoof and a parody. But, if you look into it deep, My opinion is its about young girls influence by today’s internet based society. The song mentions boredom and a guy calling a girl over and over again even tho he wants to stop. The girls touches her self ( as she is taught by today’s MTV generation of being 16 and pregnant) and tries to lure the guy in. Her advances only humor him as he is confused and lost. No matter the activities we happen to choose to fill up our lives, they all are inevitably our downfall, and in the end we “dont know what we want”.


To conclude, the view of Masturbation has definitely changed over the years.  It was humors, adventurous, forbidden, and a last desperation for attention.  Their are many songs out their that describe all these descriptions.  The above sums it all up for me. I hope you enjoyed the read.

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