Deftones tease their upcoming new record

While it hasn’t been officially announced with a release date just yet, it appears that Deftones will be releasing new music very soon. The band’s social media accounts have all gone dark as of today, which almost always is the prelude to a major announcement. Given that the album (at least according to both Abe Cunningham and Chino Moreno) is tentatively due out in September, putting two and two together likely means a single might be due out soon, as well.

The band has also unveiled a new mailing list, which opens some very helpful secrets – including a directory of ‘0925’, which is used upon signup. This bit of information would fit well with a September 25th album release, though of course this is educated speculation at this point. Either way, keep your eyes and ears peeled for new Deftones news likely coming in the very near future.