Death Metal band Dark Rites release their new album “The Dark Hymns”

Death metal has this certain spark about it that will simply never fade into the wisp of the wind. The genre itself paved the way for a lot of metal’s currently trending subgenre’s. Dark Rites is a band that tackles that intensity that is death metal music. The group has released their newest album “The Dark Hymns” via Brutal Records. The new album is the band’s 2018 release titled “Welcome To Eternity” Let’s dive into the goodies that “The Dark Hymns” holds. Dark Rites took what sound they crafted with their 2017 and injected it with steroids – the group has made an attempt to better themselves and their sound with each passing release and that clearly shows in “The Dark Hymns”. Upon the start of the record you’re met with the elements that make death metal what it is. Raw, powerful vocal energy that resonates well with the percussion. The guitar work holds up to a high standard in terms of song writing and structure. Dark Rites has made quite the leap in the last 3 years, only peddling themselves forward. If you’re a fan of death metal don’t pass these guys up!