Danny Worsnop: “Asking Alexandria #5 is DONE!”

Given the multiple projects vocalist Danny Worsnop is a part of now (his solo work, the rock-oriented We Are Harlot, and Asking Alexandria), he’s certainly been a busy man – always immersing himself in various projects. But given his return to Asking Alexandria recently, fans of AA have certainly been craving a follow-up to The Black.

Fans may not have to wait much longer, though. According to Danny’s Twitter page, AA’s 5th album is now completely done, according to a series of tweets. He’s also working on a new solo record in some capacity as well.

For those not in the know, Danny’s return to the band late last year was highly successful, culminating in celebrating Sumerian Records’ 10-year anniversary. Danny’s performance on the tour was highly praised by fans and critics alike.