Dance Gavin Dance’s entire catalogue has now been streamed over one billion times

Dance Gavin Dance are nothing if not a band that thrives on dynamics. One of the few post-hardcore bands in the scene to maintain and actually grow their popularity over time, part of that success is due to the band’s constant releasing of new music (nine full-lengths since 2007’s Downtown Battle Mountain, which is just wild) – but also one that combined pop sensibilities with the (relative) abrasiveness of post-hardcore. Outliving many of their peers by at least a few album cycles, Dance Gavin Dance have toured to progressively larger crowds over the years – and now they’ve reached yet another milestone.

Earlier this month, the band announced that their entire catalogue has been streamed over a billion times across all services, and along with the band previously reaching over a million total album sales, that’s no small thing in the music scene. Hats off to one of the hardest-working bands around – they’re seemingly always up to something, whether it’s a livestream during this pandemic, touring, recording, and lots more. Impressive.