Papa Roach Destroy Chicago With A Night Of Hits & Singalongs (Review + Photo Gallery)


With just over 25 years of being a band Papa Roach showed why they are still considered legends in their genre on a packed Friday evening in Chicago at the Aragon Ballroom.

Opening the evening was Bad Wolves, featuring ex members of bands like God Forbid, In This Moment, Devildriver and more. With their blend of melodic metal and hard rock they had the crowd jumping, pitting, and singing along early on. Ending the set with their infamous cover of The Cranberries “Zombie”, Bad Wolves made sure to make some new fans this evening.

Following them were metalcore heavy hitters Asking Alexandia. With a more mainstream hard rock sound versus their older heavier side AA had the now packed room singing along to their hits and ballads.

The time finally arrived for the band everyone was waiting for, Papa Roach. With more hits than most bands could wish for, Jacoby Shaddix and company commanded the stage with hit after hit giving the crowd a full set of singalongs. Even their latest hits had the crowd going crazy but with songs like Getting Away With Murder, Scars, and Last Resort the crowd sang louder than the band could even play. With no signs are slowing down over time the band performed with such ease making their perfect set seem effortless. If you’ve never had the chance to catch Papa Roach now is the time, it’ll be an evening you won’t be forgetting.


Papa Roach :



Asking Alexandria :




In defense of Issues’ brilliantly insane new single “Flexin”

When Issues released their much-hyped single “Flexin” on Friday, the third taste of their upcoming album Beautiful Oblivion debuted to the most polarized reaction in the “Warped Tour scene” in recent memory. As of the time of this writing, the music video was sitting about 3,100 likes and 2,400 dislikes on YouTube, and the fanbase’s comments were all over the map… with some instantly connecting with the song, and others insisting the band had “sold out”. No favors were done to the public reaction by the delirious fever dream of a music video, which features an elderly Tyler Carter breaking out of an assisted living home.

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NFM Horror-palooza 2019 – The Banana Splits Movie (Review)


The Banana Splits Movie is so odd for its release now. Being from a show thats been off the air for quite some time and missing the mark where it could of drawn in from the “Five Nights At Freddy” phase, I’m not too sure where the mark was aimed for this.

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Thousand Below vocalist James DeBerg releases solo album, “Things Change” – listen

Solo excursions that are distinctly different from a musician’s primary gig aren’t rare at all – not when it’s easier to make music than ever before. This certainly applies to Things Change, the new album from Thousand Below vocalist James DeBerg. His new album, Things Change, is a shockingly well-developed blend of pop and R&B influences that manage to cram massive hooks into most of the tracks.

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