Bon Iver meets Uneven Structure? Meet the mysterious Basick Records signing that has everyone talking

No stranger to unconventional and groundbreaking signings, Basick Records (home to forward-thinking bands like Devil Sold His Soul, Uneven Structure, and Skyharbor) have signed perhaps the most interesting band in their catalogue yet – the mysterious Sleep Token. The band’s new EP, Two, is due out July 21st – and it is an utterly brilliant and nearly uncategorizable work of art that lies somewhere between the ethereal vocals of Bon Iver/James Blake and the more progressive/ambient leanings of bands like Uneven Structure and even Deftones.

Seriously, listen to these songs. “Thread The Needle”, in particular, is a 6+ minute song epic that takes the conventions of post-rock’s ebb and flow to seemingly grander heights. Sleep Token are adept at this contrast in styles through pretty much every song, though. I won’t waste much more time talking – you should probably just listen to Sleep Token at this point. Rest assured, everyone will be talking about them soon – despite being shrouded in secrecy, they have no choice but to step into the light now.