This versatile photographer found his love for photography at the young age of 16. Being a huge fan of music, he quickly began to focus on photographing musicians and live concerts. He started out photographing performances in small clubs and bars, moving on to larger venues within just a few months and eventually traveled with various artists. He then moved to Atlantic City, NJ, where his work was discovered by Caesars Entertainment. He was brought on board as their photographer in 2012, which allowed him to branch out and start photographing some of the biggest names in music, television and film. Event photography is an art in itself, and Mike’s work is truly that: art. His growing profile of very impressive artists shows that he and the product he puts out are appreciated. At a young age, with a huge career in front of him, he has already experienced what many photographers years ahead of him long to accomplish. Today, Michael continues his work as a photographer and also reviews movies, television and music.

Drummer Darren King exits MuteMath

Mutemath frontman/keyboardist Paul Meany has officially announced (via Facebook) that drummer/co-founder Darren King has left the band and will not be accompanying Mutemath on their pending worldwide tour.

As long term Mutemath fans, we are saddened by this news. Darren is a remarkable drummer and brought so much to the table. We wish both Darren and the remaining members of Mutemath the best of luck!

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Ded’s debut album ‘Mis-An-thrope’ pulls no punches!

photo credit ©Andrew Stuart



What can you say about a record where the title is the very definition of a general hatred, dislike, distrust or contempt for the human race? I know the thought of that doesn’t sound very appealing to most, but hear me out: People use music as a way to help them cope with everyday life, and if you’re an angry person (such as I am), you use music to help you release whatever anger is inside you. So thanks to Ded, instead of spending hundreds of dollars on a therapist, I spent about $10 on their CD instead.

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Love & Death begin tracking for new record!

Love & Death (side project of Brian “Head” Welch the guitarist of KoRn) have begin tracking their new album with producer Jasen Rauch. (Breaking Benjamin, Former Red guitarist)

Love & Death. Photo by: M!KE McHALE – MIKE SHOT IT

It has been 4 years since the release of Between Here & Lost and a year since the release of their song “Lo Lamento”. Which was also used to help promote Brian’s latest book With My Eyes Wide Open: Miracles and Mistakes on My Way Back to KoRn.

There is no word yet on when the album will be released due to the conflicting scheduling of the band members. Since Brian is currently touring with Korn at least til the end of September and drummer Dan Johnson touring with both Red and Flaw. Guitarist JR (who recently departed from band Islander) is the only one tracking guitars at this time.

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