August Burns Red return with more consistently solid metalcore on new song, “Defender”

August Burns Red are one of the most consistently solid metalcore bands around. It’s awfully hard to call any of their records outright bad, or really even mediocre. and while the band’s 2009 album Constellations is a definite fan favorite, there’s a strong case for almost any one of their records to be considered their best.

It’s with that being said that ABR’s new single, “Defender”, still maintains the quality you’ve come to expect from the metalcore veterans – but it also still manages to sound fairly fresh. The song arrives off their upcoming new album, Guardians, which drops this April. You can also check out the tracklisting and impressive album art below.

The band revealed that the album is their most truly collaborative effort to date.

“Guardians is the culmination of a complete and total team effort,” says Brubaker. “Dustin and I collaborated musically more than we ever have before. Jake and Brent collaborated vocally more than they ever have before. Matt bounced more drum ideas off of us than we could even comprehend. It was the most time we’ve ever spent in the studio on one album. We’re all so proud of this record, and we can’t wait to share it with the world.”

Guardians track listing:

01. The Narrative
02. Bones
03. Paramount
04. Defender
05. Lighthouse
06. Dismembered Memory
07. Ties That Bind
08. Bloodletter
09. Extinct by Instinct
10. Empty Heaven
11. Three Fountains