Indian prog metal exists in Within Ceres’ “Skyless” EP (review)

Within Ceres, 2020

Here’s one that I didn’t expect to write about today.

The country of India is seismic in population with 1.3 billion – but their back-and-forth influence from Western culture isn’t quite as prominent. You don’t hear about Indian metal bands, or even rock/pop bands, quite often, so it’s a treat to come across Within Ceres.

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Dealer loses all members besides the vocalist

Dealer is reportedly going through a massive change, or quite possibly a break up. Dealer has lost all of their members besides Aidan, the vocalist. It’s reported the rest of the band jumped ship after learning more about the vocalist’s past, and a court case also appears forthcoming for Aidan. The vocalist of Dealer was formerly the vocalist of Alpha Wolf before being kicked out.

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UK punk band High Visions make a splash with “A First Date With Imposter Syndrome” (review)

High Visions, 2020

While punk isn’t exactly my native tongue, I love delving into the genre to embrace its vocal grittiness and frenetic pace. UK rockers High Visions look to uphold that distinct sound and make a name for themselves with their third EP A First Date with Imposter Syndrome. Sounding like Four Year Strong, Sum 41, and other punk greats, this is sure to be a brisk listen.

A First Date with Imposter Syndrome kicks off with “When I’m Dead, Just Throw Me In the Trash,” showcasing an insane drum fill and an immediate double-time procession. The vocal chants, a hallmark of punk, are executed brilliantly, energizing the listener with their vitriol. Drums ring in the second track “Checkpoint Charlie” maintaining the fast pace. The chorus is emphatic and sounds like it would fit right at home on a Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater soundtrack.

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