The Story So Far guitarist’s new band Same Side is fantastic (review)

Kevin Guyer

The Story So Far/Elder Brother guitarist Kevin Geyer launched a new project this year entitled Same Side, and it’s absolute music to my ears. This mesh of acoustic prowess with profoundly-delivered vocals make for effervescent pieces of art, which were present in the magnificent Proper Dose from 2018. These songs came to fruition into the Same Side EP which relased in late May.

Five songs of humongous quality, Same Side is a soft, easy listen that exudes a comforting vibrancy. “Smoke” has multiple delicate, earthy guitar licks that complement the laid-back vibe of the track. “Stuck in a Hole” is one for the ages, presented so somberly and matter-of-factly. Almost a mix of City and Colour and Citizen, it’s a sad song worthy of many replays.

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