The Black Dahlia Murder crashes Billboard’s Top Album Sales chart at impressive #4 overall

The Black Dahlia Murder recently released their new album, Verminous, via Metal Blade Records. The long running metal band have been pushing the boundaries of the genre for close to two decades now, and while they’ve gained a pretty substantial amount of popularity in their last few album cycles, the band’s new album has crashed the charts with huge numbers for a band that’s, well, pretty extreme.

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Deepshade channels funk and psychedelia in “Soul Divider” (review)

Deepshade, 2020

From Wigan, England, UK, comes Deepshade, a band opting for a wholly traditional alternative/psychedelic sound in the vein of Queens of the Stone Age, Porcupine Tree, and even The Doors at points. The combination of trippy presentation with progressive riffs makes for a rare listen with the act, certainly worth a try to anyone who dabbled in these genres in the past such as myself, a massive QOTSA fan in my childhood.

Getting jammy in “Airwaves” and mysterious in “City Burn,” the breadth of the band’s influences and inspirations take display, whilst crafting their own unique spin to add flair to the sound. Letting the bass and pianos get some licks in is a welcome addition, as well.

The echo effect on the majority of vocals contributes to the mood, and no two songs on Soul Divider sound too similar. When songs don’t blend together, it makes for an album listen to be an experience rather than a chore. Ample mystique and powering guitars come out in “SadSun,” while “Lonely Man” is easygoing and vibrant.

Deepshade is accessible and welcomes fans of the widest varieties of rock. Capable of capturing some of the most prolific sounds in each of their offerings, Soul Divider will be just as good of an entry point for any curious fans as it was for me today!

A press copy of Soul Divider was provided courtesy of Hold Tight PR.