Deftones unveil new merch line to benefit their jobless road crew

While we know the band’s new full-length album is coming out later this year, Deftones unfortunately had to cancel their upcoming New Zealand and Australia shows due to coronavirus concerns. Much like the rest of the industry right now, they’re not the only ones suffering from the loss of income – their hard-working road crew is also feeling the pinch.

Luckily, the band is being generous with their stature, and it can benefit you too! The alt-metal legends have unveiled a new merch line that also includes all profits made going back to their hard-working crew. To paraphrase Fred Durst, “without the fans (and the crew!!!), there wouldn’t be no show, and if that was really so, then life would really blow.”

Check out the merch line below, as well.

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Tajanae, ex-Eternity Forever, release debut EP, “Half Moon”

Ben Rosett, drummer of Strawberry Girls and ex-Eternity Forever, recently announced another project aside from his solo work, by the name of Tajanae. This effort also includes members of TANG and Mookatite.

This project caught my attention as it is quite reminiscent of Eternity Forever, the defunct earlier band from Rosett that had a completely unique sound incorporating mathy hooks into a funky meter. While EF was gone too soon with only a 4-song EP to their name, Tajanae channels some of that groovy style with vocalist Haley Woodward.

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