Grab the discography of one of the best Synthwave artists for $1

If there was ever a time to support an artist, it’s right now. Luckily, Glitch Black has made that quite easy for you to do thanks to his decision to offer up every one of his full-length albums for $1 on Bandcamp.

I took a liking to this artist not only from his exemplary music, but his ability to create visuals to accompany them. In the vein of masterful digital artists like beeple and GMUNK, Glitch Black’s videos are as pleasing to the eyes as his intricate synth tunes are to the ears.

What makes Glitch Black stand out from the crowd is his consistency. The 2014 record Interdimensional is on par with 2019’s Age of Machines in quality and replayability. The sheer layering, the breakneck pace, the retro feel… everything comes together to make for a unique listen.

While you missed the chance to give Glitch Black your 100% from last Friday’s Bandcamp deal, you can score a deal of your own and get a lot of quality music for a steal, while still contributing more to them than a stream ever could. Take him up on this offer here!

It’s Wolf & Bear’s Time To Shine

It’s impossible to keep track of all the bands over the years that have slipped through the cracks on the verge of breaking through to their deserved level of notoriety. One band that exemplifies the meaning of “overlooked” is Wolf & Bear, who have been chugging away for more than half a decade.

The act’s sole album, Everything is Going Grey, doesn’t have a MOMENT of bland within it. There is no standout track, as the band keeps the listener guessing with frenetic runs and curveballs left and right. Their 2019 release, EP, keeps the trend going with four more divine pieces of art. What makes Wolf & Bear’s music special is its unpredictability matched with its versatility, with its tendency to possess both fast-paced riffs and infectious clean-vocal choruses.

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TNF EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Electro-alternative powerhouses LOWBORN and VISTA team up for new single “Light Me Up”

Lowborn x VISTA “Light Me Up”

Electro-alternative rock band LOWBORN can’t be compared to any other modern act, with their flawless production and tactful hooks heard on each release. The flames behind powerful new single “Light Me Up” engulf listeners from the first few seconds with short yet dominant guitar riffs and mighty vocals from Wes Lauterbach.

Both bands have also managed to garner some inpressive attention on streaming services. Lowborn receives placement on Spotify’s New Noise editorial playlist, and Vista’s “Witch Hunt” is closing in on 300k Spotify streams – all impressive numbers for independent musicians. We’re excited to be bringing you “Light Me Up” a day early.

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