Fit For A King debut new song, “God Of Fire”, featuring Crystal Lake vocalist Ryo Kinoshita

Fit For A King just started one of the most anticipated metal tours of the first half of 2020, but the Texas metalcore band has already gotten off to a roaring start by debuting a new song. Entitled “God Of Fire”, the new song is rumored to drop possibly this Friday, though that should of course be taken with a grain of salt.

Making it even better is the fact that tourmates Crystal Lake joined in on the fun, at least their acclaimed vocalist Ryo Kinoshita, anyway. The fact that the collaboration happened on the first date of the tour lends credence to the fact that it’ll likely be released soon, and if fans are lucky, maybe it’ll become a setlist staple. Either way, the fan-shot video can be viewed below, so give it a watch – along with the remained of the tour dates, which also feature Chelsea Grin and Alpha Wolf.

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Premiere: Chilean technical death metal band Bleak Flesh reveals 4K bass playthrough for “Eyeless, Bodiless” – watch!

Do you like technical death metal? If so, you’ll want to give the new bass playthrough from Chile’s Bleak Flesh a listen. We’re stoked to present “Eyeless, Bodiless” 4K Bass Playthrough, second track from their latest album “…And Save Us From Silence”. The video production was led by Underfilms and was filmed at Navarro Fotoestudio with the support of the isotonic drink Lazarus. The video is beautifully captured on a 4K camera. Enrique shows off his playstyle in this one, capturing the true skill it takes to execute this song. Watch for yourself below!

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