September 23, 2021

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Australian pop-punk band Yours Truly release killer new track, “Walk Over My Grave”

Australian pop-punk favorites Yours Truly have released a new single, “Walk Over My Grave”. This is the group’s first new song since the release of their first full length record Self Care in 2020. Listen to the track below and give us your thoughts on this new single.


Yours Truly vocalist Mikaila Delgado explains how the track’s title stemmed from a comment made by someone who abruptly left her world that stuck with her:
“I shiver a lot, and when I’d shiver this person would say ‘someone must be walking over your grave’, and that was just a thought that kept coming back to me after we weren’t close anymore. I shivered one day as I was driving and I remember pulling over and writing lyrics. I was wondering, did anything I ever said stick with them? Were they thinking about me too?”


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