XPW – Pleasures Of The Flesh (02.18.2023) (Wrestling Review)


Pleasures Of The Flesh

Pomona, California 

Feb. 18th, 2023


Death Match
Lindsay Snow vs. Chelsea Durden

Lindsey Snow is usually good for a bloodbath type deathmatch but this was tame. Pretty uneventful for most of it minus a gusset spot and the final tap out moment. 

1.5 / 5

Four Way Elimination Match
Biggie Biggs vs. Bo Cooper vs. Terex vs. Judge Joe Dred

So it was an elimination style match that got messed up and they called a winner first pin in. The camera crew also didn’t know where to switch too at the start so we kept missing spots. This was sluggish and extremely sloppy but at least it was bloody a ton.

1 / 5

Singles Match
Juventud Guerrera vs. Kit Osbourne

I mean this wasn’t horrendous but it only lasted like 4 minutes. Even then it had some sloppy bits. 

1.5 / 5

XPW Women’s Title Match
Ludark Shaitan (c) vs. Miranda Alize

A mediocre match. They brawled a bit too much without anything too much happening. This could have honestly used a few minutes cut off of it. 

2 / 5

Death Match
Big Joe vs. Dirty Ron

This had its moments even if Dirty Ron coming back isn’t the best thing. Honestly just not as exciting of a death match as you’d have hoped for. 

2.5 / 5

Death Match
Drake Younger vs. Lou Nixon

A solid tube filled deathmatch. Some good spots and blood here with Lou wrestling his first US match and flying over from the UK the same day. Lous back was destroyed from tubes here too. 

3.25 / 5

Tag Team Death Match
Atticus Cogar & MAGA Butcher (w/Hardcore Hillbilly) vs. The Faces Of Death (MASADA & SHLAK)

So the audio for half of this was terrible and they need to never use someone with a megaphone again if its gonna mess their audio up. This was fun but insanely sloppy. Most of it was just a brawl around everywhere and the finish was awful but everything else was fine. Everyone bled a ton except Masada as expected. Shlak was giving Necro was stupidy hard chair shots. Cogar was fine here but Necro and Shlak had the best moments. 

3.75 / 5

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