September 27, 2021

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Xavier Vicuna of Forty Winters discusses their recent tour in Central America and Future Touring


Forty Winters has a lot going for them; from touring constantly here in the states, to touring internationally, it won’t be long until Forty Winters becomes a household name in the metal and hardcore community. But overall you have a group of guys who love writing and playing music. Whether you’re headbanging alone while listening to their album or annihilating everyone within a one-inch radius of you during their set, Forty Winters is one of those bands that never cease to be brutal. But even after wrapping up a tour, they are playing several shows in their hometown state of Florida and are planning on more touring in the spring and summer of next year.

Check out my interview with Forty Winters vocalist Xavier Vicuna. In the interview we discuss their recent voyage to Central America along with several shows and tour they will embark on in the future, as well as their new E.P.

Stephanie Jensen: How’s the tour coming? Can you tell us what tour you’re on?
Xavier Vicuna: We actually recently wrapped up a tour, just flew back in a couple days ago.

Jensen: You were just in Central America. How the hell was that?
Vicuna: It was an amazing and overwhelming experience to say the least. We are very fortunate to be able to play out there and connect with such a passionate/appreciative audience. Shout out to all our new friends in Panama and Costa Rica.

Jensen: What are your favorite place(s) to play?
Vicuna: That’s always a tough one. California and New York usually come to mind. Georgia, Virginia, New Jersey, and Texas always treat us well. Panama just made the list haha.

Jensen: You guys are from Florida. Being from Florida myself, I know we have an extremely vigorous music community. Is there a difference between playing here and everywhere else you played?
Vicuna: Every city and state can differ from the next but ultimately they all have very striking similarities. Especially within the scenes; some support harder than others, some less, it’s always different. You pick up on things the longer and more frequent you’re out there. Home is where the heart is, though; we love playing in Florida and representing our home state.

Jensen: Are you one of those bands who uses your recordings to promote your live shows, or uses your live shows to promote your recordings?
Vicuna: FW has always been a band that releases material and then tours heavily in support of said release until you can’t promote it any longer. So I guess the answer would be that we promote our music via the live shows.


Jensen: The first time I saw you guys I was blown away by your performance. Is playing as fun for you guys as is it for crowd-goers like me watching you guys?
Vicuna: Thank you so much, we are extremely grateful and glad you enjoyed it. Yes, playing is probably the most fun and best part of our days. We put up with twenty-three hours and forty minutes of chaos each day just for those twenty minutes to perform, be ourselves, and connect with crowd-goers every night. It’s the ultimate rush.

Jensen: Anything you want to say about the new E.P.?
Vicuna: It’s something we worked pretty hard on and wanted to get it in the hands of many quickly and efficiently. The new E.P. is heavy, honest, aggressive and organic. I urge and encourage everyone to at least give it a chance. We want to thank those who have shared, posted, promoted, and even downloaded the release. Huge thanks to our friends who donated too, it all goes a long way. Can’t thank you all enough. You can check it out here:

Jensen: You have very diverse influences. Does it make writing a unique experience for you?
Vicuna: Yes we certainly do. The writing process is always very special and unique for us. We all have our different tastes and musical backgrounds, but at the same time we have the same goal, the same mindset, and the same chemistry. We usually know what we want out of it and it’s always fun jamming and exploring different sounds, riffs, change-ups, etc.

Jensen: Do you feel there should be more diversity in the music scene?
Vicuna: Hmm, yes and no. I feel like the scene is pretty diverse, maybe sometimes over-saturated. But I firmly believe change and diversity is absolutely necessary in order for a scene or movement to continue. Bring it in; keep jamming, starting bands, saying something, making a difference.

Jensen: What’s appealing about metal and hardcore?
Vicuna: It’s a lifestyle, a brotherhood, a movement, a way of life. It’s a feeling; it’s kind of hard to explain. It’s something we grew up with; it’s like our own little world. Everything about both is appealing: from the shows, the messages, the unity, the excitement and energy, it’s rebellious, it’s family. It just feels right.

Jensen: What’s next for you guys?
Vicuna: We will be playing the second annual New Years Throw Down in Jacksonville, FL on January 4th at Brewster’s Megaplex with Tampa’s own Dark Sermon and a plethora of heavy and hardworking bands. After that we’ll be heading out on the Cold as Ice Tour with A Fight for Life from Atlanta, GA and Dealey Plaza from Fort Myers, FL. There will be more tours in the works for spring and summer, as well. FW will remain as busy as humanly possible

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