December 1, 2023

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WWF Summerslam 2000 (Wrestling Review)



Raleigh, North Carolina

Aug. 27th, 2000


Six Man Tag Team Match
Rikishi & Too Cool (Grandmaster Sexay & Scotty 2 Hotty) vs. The Right To Censor (Bull Buchanan, Steven Richards & The Goodfather)

A quick match. Rikishi and Too Cool were super over so Right To Censor winning and cutting off the worm was great heel heat. 

1.5 / 5

Singles Match
The Road Dogg vs. X-Pac

Pretty much a double heel match where both guys were in DX. Nothing special and it was quick. The cheap finish too didn’t work because the ref clearly saw it. 

1 / 5

WWF Intercontinental Title Mixed Tag Team Match
Trish Stratus & Val Venis (c) vs. Chyna & Eddie Guerrero

Not an exciting match at all. Chyna no sold Trish and Trish wast still super new here. 

1.5 / 5

Singles Match
Tazz vs. Jerry Lawler

This was an angle match and not anything good. Taz got cracked though good with that jar. 

1 / 5

WWF Hardcore Title Match
Shane McMahon (c) vs. Steve Blackman

A pretty boring brawl for the most part. The interference with Shane doesn’t help but man that final spot. The final spot here will be talked about forever. 

2 / 5

Best Two Out Of Three Falls Match
Chris Benoit vs. Chris Jericho

A great match between these two. Both getting a fall with a submission was great and Benoit winning it as a heel worked. This was fast paced and while not their best still one to watch for sure. 

3.75 / 5

WWF World Tag Team Title Tables, Ladders & Chairs Match
Christian & Edge (c) vs. The Dudley Boyz (Buh Buh Ray Dudley & D-Von Dudley) vs. The Hardy Boyz (Jeff Hardy & Matt Hardy)

A 5 start match simple. Not a dull moment here and 3 teams giving it their all with massive spots that are just insane. It set the standard for TLC matches, made all 3 teams legendary based off just this match, and had the crowd going crazy. 20+ years later and this match is still referenced constantly. 

5 / 5

Stink Face Match
Terri (w/Perry Saturn) vs. The Kat (w/Al Snow)

This was awful and went too long. 

.01 / 5

Singles Match
Kane vs. The Undertaker

This was an angle match with Taker going for Kanes match. Kane bled a bunch but this was a boring brawl mostly. 

1 / 5

WWF World Heavyweight Title Triple Threat Match
The Rock (c) vs. Triple H vs. Kurt Angle

A triple threat match that was sort of all over the place. The crowd was super behind it as all 3 guys were over. A lot of good spots even if the first half or so with HHH working over The Rock sort of slowed it down some. The final few minutes though were great. 

3.5 / 5

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