WWE NXT UK – Episode 190 (03.31.2022) (Wrestling Review)



London, England

March 31st, 2022


Singles Match
Amale vs. Xia Brookside

A decent match with an awful ending. Crowd wasn’t into it and I though Amale was looking really good here. Otherwise it was a solid match. 

2 / 5

Singles Match
Ashton Smith (w/Oliver Carter) vs. Trent Seven (w/Tyler Bate)

A fun back and forth between Trent and Smith. Trent has gone full heel here and its building up between him and Bate to see where it heads or if it spilts. The cheating win helps Trent and Smith put up a solid fight with some close calls. 

3 / 5

Singles Match
Kenny Williams vs. Tate Mayfairs

The match was quick and nothing special. The count out finish was different but the match building up for that to happen just was lackluster. 

1.5 / 5

WWE NXT UK Heritage Cup Title Match
Noam Dar (w/Sha Samuels) (c) vs. Mark Coffey (w/Joe Coffey)

A solid match here with Dar winning by cheating. The constant cheating and interference here became a bit much as it didn’t add a lot but this was a solid match for the cup. Good back and forth and close calls. 

2.5 / 5

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