Winnie The Pooh : Blood And Honey (2023) (Movie Review)

Winnie The Pooh : Blood And Honey doesn’t do much right but it did do two things great. It made companies fear public domain again and it proved that all you need is to go viral and your film, no matter how small, can blow up and make it into national chains. Sadly everything else here is pretty awful.

The story sets up that Christopher Robins, after growing up and befriending the creatures in the 100 Acres Woods, leaves for college therefore abandoning Winnie and the others. They soon don’t know how to survive and kill / eat Eeyore which then warps the minds of the animals left causing them to hate humans and go back to being animals mostly who want to kill all humans.

Our story here isn’t bad at all and has great potential. Its just that the entire story I just laid out is only the first 2 minutes of the film. From there we quickly see Robins return with his girlfriend to find Winnie who then gets them and decides to hunt down a group of women in a near by cabin. After the names here being the characters you loved the film never bothers to explain anything. Was Robins hanging out as kid with mutated animals because the film here doesn’t look anything like the characters. Winnie and Piglet look like large overweight men in horrible overly large halloween masks. The masks don’t even fit their faces correctly and they are wearing human clothes and shoes (which then implies someone taught Winnie how to tie his shoes). We are also not given any indication where the other creatures like Rabbit and Owl are past the intro, which sadly I hope isn’t meaning they’ll be in a sequel.

Even our side characters of women waiting to be killed just doesn’t work. They are given small details instead of a story for most of them and personality wise seem to not have one. We are given them simply as cannon fodder for these creatures to kill.

I get that the film is super low budget too but it just isn’t even shot well. There is never any tension or fear here as the camera shakes randomly at times or is in a setting where its almost too dark to see much. The dialog here is either atrocious or makes no sense at all and given that the story here isn’t anything at all it just doesn’t help the films cause.

What could have been good dumb fun instead is just bad. A few mediocre kills here doesn’t make up for everything else here sadly. This is one of the times where the hype should have went to something better.


Score :

1 / 5

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